see the world trough my eyes…

“Photography is not about how we see the world, but how we interpret it… I’m not trying to show the viewer what these places look like, but rather what they feel like!”


11_HM Monoawards 2015_Ponte dei Sospiri 10_HM Monoawards 2015_The Ghosts 9_HM Monoawards 2015_Aid Lib 8_HM Monoawards 2015_Faith

6_HM ND awards 2015

4_FIAP HM Pannonia Reflections 2015 Slovenia

5_HM Monoawards 2014

3_FIAP Silve Medal The Day of Fidelity 2014 Hungary

2_FIAP HM My Favourite Photos 2014 Serbia

1_Spider Awards 2014

One thought on “see the world trough my eyes…


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